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Micro Horizontal Motion Conveyor


Operating Speed
300 CPM
Trough Stroke
3/4" to 1-1/2"
Conveyor Allowable mount angles:
Maximum Incline: 1 degree, Maximum Decline 2 degree
Horizontal Acceleration Max:
3 g's Max
Isolation Efficiency:
Material Flow Rate:
Idle (no product movement) to 35'/min (the maximum flow rate is dependent on the total drive weight of the conveyor)
Maximum Material Load:
1 x Machine Weight
Maximum Conveyor Total Weight (Trough + Drive & Conveyor)
Maximum Trough Weight:
End Drive: 600lbs ; Intermediate Drive: 500lbs
Drive Package Weight:
End Drive: 700lbs ; Intermediate Drive: 780lbs + counterweight (100 to 200 lbs)
Conveyor Construction
Trough Length: TBD ft. (weight dependent)


  • No Lift "Gentle" Horizontal Product Flow
  • Pan/Drive Only Design
  • Simple Castor/ Pan Mount
  • Incorporates Mechanically Driven Totally Enclosed Drive Area
  • Dynamically Balanced to Eliminate Vibration Transmission to Structure
  • Length to 130' Single Drive