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Raw Potato Handling

Hex Tube Feeder

Machine Description

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The Layton Hex Tube Feeder/Spreader removes water and fine material while efficiently feeding the full width

of the size grader. This is done in a distance of approximately 37" while spreading the product from a narrow

in-feed up to a 12 lane roll sizer. The Hex Tube Feeder assists in evening out the product flow and prevents

surges. The Layton Hex Tube Feeder is cost effective too, priced about half the cost of a vibratory feeder.



  • All stainless steel construction
  • Centralized Lubrication
  • Serpentine chain drive
  • 7 hexagonal feed rolls
  • Floor stand and waste hopper
  • Safety guard with product drape
  • Inline gear drive
  • Tilt adjustment on stand
  • 24”, 39”, 49”, 59”, 76” Widths
  • All stainless steel bearings (optional)
  • Piping with spray nozzles (optional)
  • Right angle gear drive (optional)


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