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Horizontal Motion Conveyor Offers Increased Flexibility

Improves product quality and reduces costs

Providing “no lift” product flow, the Layton Systems Rapid Return horizontal motion conveyor utilizes a pan/drive-only design. It incorporates a mechanically driven, totally enclosed drive area and a dynamically balanced structure with no frame required. Available with trough lengths up to 130 ft and widths to 48 in., the conveyor offers an operating speed of 300 cpm and 35 ft per min material flow rate.


New Vibratory Conveyor Resolves a Sticky Situation

Located in the heart of New Jersey is the maker of Welch’s Fruit Snacks. Founded in 1979 as Promotion in Motion by CEO Michael Rosenberg, the company was renamed PIM Brands last year. With its large customer base and multiple product offerings, including Welch’s Fruit Snacks, Original Gummi FunMix, Sun-Maid Milk Chocolate Raisins, Sour Jacks, Nuclear SQWorms, Toggi Fine European Wafers, and Tuxedos Chocolate Almonds, the company is one of the largest candy and snack makers worldwide.





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