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Box Crushers

The New Stainless Steel Box Crusher

Machine Description

Adjustable, Economical, Durable & Safe

The New Layton Box Crusher is designed to break-up frozen product inside cardboard boxes before further processing. The Box Crusher eliminates back injuries by employees dropping the boxes on the floor to break up the product.


Available in Two Models

Powered and Unpowered Conveyor Feed and Exit


The Box Crusher features a T-304 stainless steel construction and nickel plated drive components.The opening on the in-feed end is internally adjustable to crush boxes from 9” to 14” wide with a maximum box height of 14.


• Boxes enter the machine with Frozen Crystalized Product on a Pass-Through

Conveyor and transport through the Box Crusher

• Four Crush Rollers with a Tensioner located Inside the machine press against the boxes to break apart the crystalized product

• Boxes are conveyed off the machine after being crushed

 Safety Features: Washdown and Crusher Roller Adjustments

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Standard Specifications

Available Options

• Machine overall dimensions are approximately 74” w x 119” l x 67” h

• Feed rate is 35 feet per minute

    - Total production capacity is dependent upon the length of the boxes

• Manual roller conveyor

• Box dimension range (Standard Model without options)

    - Width: 8” to 14”

    - Height maximum: 14”

• Manually adjustable crush rollers

• Construction from T-304 stainless steel

• Powered by a 1.5 HP drive gear motor

• Stainless steel bearings

• Hinged top-covers to facilitate cleaning

• Nickel plated drive chain with mild steel sprockets

• Stainless steel painted reducer and stainless steel motor

• Locking swivel casters

• Adjustable in-feed guide rails to align boxes entering machine

• 18” long perforated stainless-steel safety mesh guarding at the in-feed and

discharge openings of the machine

• NEMA-4x control panel with E-stop push button and an emergency pull cable surrounding the machine

• Stainless steel mesh guarding

• Machine electrical components are pre-wired to a central control panel mounted on the unit

• 460V 3ph. 60 Hz 4 Amps


This Box Crusher

has a small footprint


    - Powered integrated belt conveyor to conveyor product through the machine

    - Stainless Steel motor and reducer assembly for belt drive

    - Control panel has provisions to interface with customer provided control signals (I/O) for automatic operation

    - Visual operating mode light mounted on top of the control enclosure

    - Three (3) photos electric sensors to monitor product movement through the machine

    - Adjusted Box dimension range

         + Width: 9” to 14”

         + Height maximum: 14”


     - All chain and sprocket drives are stainless steel


     - 230V 3ph 60 Hz  -  575V 3ph 50 Hz  -  Other upon request


     - Hinged side access doors for internal cleaning and access to the inside of the machine

     - Integrated door safety switches to stop operation if a door is opened

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