A division of Layton Manufacturing, Inc.
Food Handling & Processing Solutions

Welliver Metal history


Established in 1966, Welliver Metal Products is a world-wide leader in the development, design, engineering, manufacture, installation and startup of high quality systems for the food and industrial processing industry. In January of 2007 Welliver Metal Products was purchased by Layton Manufacturing Company, a 47 year old Oregon company. Virtually all major International French fry producers are realizing the benefits of the Layton/Welliver Diameter Graders. Layton Manufacturing is also the parent company of A.B. McLaughlin Company another manufacturer of food processing equipment.

Everything we do is focused on bringing full value to our customers. We provide innovative solutions to improve productivity, reduce the costs of production, and minimize down time. We provide machines for sizing and grading, automated tote dumpers, briners, packaging machines, conveyors and other time tested machinery.