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When it comes time to turn your plans into reality, Layton devotes up to 27,000 sq. ft. of construction space to your project.



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It all begins with an idea: yours or ours. Often it is a meeting of minds that launches the project.

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Once your equipment is built, you can count on Layton to follow through with specialized crating and handling of all transportation requirements.


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Located in the Pacific Northwest in Salem, Oregon and for more than 40 years, the privately owned Layton Systems continues to design and manufacture professional-grade food processing and product handling equipment.


Layton serves various food industries includes potatoes and root crops, snacks, baked goods, cereals, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seed processing, fresh cut meat, poultry, seafood and many others.


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The hopper feeder regulates product flow and reduces line surges for reliable processing and packing operation. The ribbon-wall incline belt transports product upward for further processing. This incline belt has a replaceable UHMW wear strips that provides excellent belt-wear performance, lowering maintenance costs and production down time. The incline belt control offers an optional variable speed control capable of up to 120 linear feet per minute.


The Uni-Vibe Scale feeder features a single moving part construction that ensures sanitary operation with exceptionally low maintenance and superior vibration isolation. The Uni-Vibe discharge has a circular discharge section that’s sized for optimal feeding to the scale head.


The scale platform has an OSHA-compliant platform that provides a safe working environment for employees with easy access to the equipment.

The pack-off table is an incline belt and rotary table for removing the finished product.



The Turnkey System Product Handling and Distribution Line that Feeds Linear/Rotary Scales

From Layton Systems

Layton Systems Box Crusher

for Frozen Vegetables

The New Layton Box Crusher is designed to break-up frozen product

inside cardboard boxes before further processing. The Box Crusher

eliminates back injuries by employees dropping the boxes on the floor

to break up the product.

• Boxes enter the machine with Frozen Crystalized Product on a

  Pass-Through Conveyor and transport through the Box Crusher

• Four Crush Rollers with a Tensioner located Inside the machine press

  against the boxes to break apart the crystalized product

• Boxes are conveyed off the machine after being crushed




From Layton Systems

Why Layton Systems?

Having the right equipment for the job is essential for any food processing line.

Layton manufactures quality food processing equipment that     focuses on engineering efficient systems specific to your industry.

Layton Systems provides you reliable, cost-effective, and proven product designs.

If custom design is required, we deliver innovative and creative solutions tailored for your application.


Packaging, distributing, and product handling systems.

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Cutter, feed and product handling systems.

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Diameter and length grading with fluming product handling systems.

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Complete cleaning, grading, destemming, sizing, inspecting and handling lines.

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Systems for conveying, packaging, sorting, sizing and washing.

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Vibratory conveyors, pack-off systems and inspection belt systems.

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Layton manufactures quality food processing equipment that focuses on engineering efficient systems specific to your industry.

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